MK IT Business Solutions



MK IT Business Solutions has developed a special module within the SAP ERP information system that encompasses all the processes that occur on a farm with the aim of keeping records and monitoring costs. It was the first integrated solution for monitoring the daily work and costs on a farm with excellent ERP system like SAP.

What distinguishes ZFARM from any other application for farms is that it is fully integrated with other SAP modules:

It is linked with the module for fixed assets (FI-AA) so that any change in number of animals and changes of accounting categories is automatically reflected to the value of fixed assets. In ZFARM module, sale and delivery of animals is registered, which automatically corrects the values of fixed assets.

Any use of food, medicine and seeds is recorded in ZFARM and automatically booked through the standard SAP transactions in MM module, recorded in accounting and linked to the appropriate accounts in the Controlling module (CO). 

Milk sales are recorded in ZFARM, the stock is first automatically received through a standard transaction in MM module, and then it automatically creates a sales order and dispatch in the SD module.

ZFARM also has a link to the program for the milking facility with which it exchanges information on quantities of milk for each head.

ZFARM module contains the following functionalities:

  • Registration cards of livestock,

  • Registration of veterinary surgery,

  • Planning of veterinary surgery,

  • Information on milk quantity,

  • Records of tests of milk,

  • Product list of a cow,

  • List of closed lactations,

  • Orders for production of food,

  • Orders for transfer of animals,

  • List of livestock,

  • The actual livestock turnover,

  • Planned livestock turnover,

  • The actual balance of nutrients,

  • Planned balance of nutrients,

  • Sale of animals,

  • Sale of milk,

  • ...