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ZAGA is a SAP module developed by MK IT Solution for agricultural management.

ZAGA allows you the following:

  • Centralized monitoring of agricultural production in large areas allocated to different geographical locations,

  • Insight into the agro-technical measures that are currently active in the fields, which workers are engaged and which machines are used,

  • Insight into the performance of workers, machines,

  • Insight into the spending of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fuels and other materials,

  • Complete analysis of yield (by companies, working units, crops, plots ...),

  • Complete analysis of production costs,

  • Planning of production, resources and costs,

  • Comparison of actual and expected results...

What distinguishes ZAGA of other solutions for monitoring of agricultural production is that only ZAGA allows you to obtain costs at the level of culture or parcels, at any time. Only ZAGA allows a very detailed level of information required by each agronomist and obtaining information at high level, required by managers and the owner of the company.

Thanks to ZAGA module for agriculture, it is possible for a short period to create a profitable, predictable, highly organized and planned business from Agriculture industry. By detailed analysis of costs and engagement of resources a company can influence the optimization of production processes leading to increased productivity in each segment of agriculture..

In addition to implementing in MK Group and Agroinvest in Ukraine, ZAGA has been also implemented outside MK group, in the agricultural enterprise Budućnost from Čurug (part of the Global Seed Group).

About satisfaction of managers with ZAGA solution, you can read here: