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ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software applications are intended for monitoring all business processes in a company. In companies which use special software for accounting, payroll, sales, warehouse, there is a huge problem regarding the integration of these applications, especially when they are based on different platforms. An additional problem is the maintenance for a longer period of time, which is considerably more expensive.

Since all processes in an enterprise are interconnected, there is also a need for integraton of the software which accompanies these processes. It is, in fact, a true strength of ERP system, representing a set of different modules that are completely integrated with each other. The mentioned software allows establishing control over the entire business, better access to information, increased efficiency and productivity, faster response to market requests and ultimately, increased profitability. 

In other words: ERP software integrates departments and functionalities of the company into a single program running in one database, which is a valuable step forward in improving the efficiency, since the integration speeds up business processes.