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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, or BI, is the part of SAP technology that is used to help companies in better realization of their business. Using analysis and reports, the company is becoming better organized and can have better quality of business management, rather than relying only on feeling. BI is made up of several sub-components:

  • Business Warehouse (BW) - electronically organized data warehouse concerning the company business. All or most of the company data are usually kept in different time sections that provides the historical statements and reports that predict the trend of company's operations.

  • Enterprise Reporting - a variety of tools to create reports and analyze data in BW,

  • Integrated planning - a set of tools that enable easy creation and entering the company's business plan,

  • SAP portal - along with SAP BI, the company also receives a SAP Netwaever portal that allows approach to SAP solutions and other applications, databases, non-structured information and tools for communication and cooperation between users from a single spot.

BI enables the companies to keep their business data stored in a very organized and safe manner. Instead of requiring involvement of personnel for creating a report and collecting and assembling data from numerous paper documents, reports are created in the Business Intelligence much easier and faster, without requiring technical knowledge of the data organization. 

The most common BI implementation is by large companies that have a number of legal entities or different information systems. BI helps them by collecting all the data into one location, enabling creation of consolidated reports. Certainly, BI can be implemented also by smaller companies that want an even better and more detailed way to analyze their business.