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Miodrag Kostic

CEO MK Group


Miodrag Kostic

Miodrag Kostić, the president of MK Group, was born on August 25, 1959 . He acquired a degree from the department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad in 1983. At a time when many graduates sought safety in public companies, he decisively entered the risky and tumultuous world of private enterprise, and with a combination of thoughtful and timely decisions gradually created one of the most successful Serbian companies - MK Group Holding. Even after 30 years, through the pioneering adoption of modern technologies in various industries, Miodrag Kostić's companies continue to grow and win over new markets.


It was not by accident that MK Group was the first private company in Serbia to implement the SAP business information system in 2004. With the help of the advanced IT system, new companies were more quickly integrated into the existing business systems while each company received accurate and transparent insight into the business operations of every member of the Group. That is why in 2006, after the successful implementation of SAP ERP in all business activities, the next step Miodrag Kostić took was the founding of MK IT Business Solutions. Along with a team of IT professionals, he developed the company for internal and external application and the development of SAP.


Thanks to the team which Miodrag Kostić assembled, MK Group can boast a unique module in the world, ZAGA, developed by MK IT Business Solutions. ZAGA is a true pioneering work in high technology in the agricultural industry and is used for managing daily activities as well as support in management decision making. Thanks to the ZAGA SAP module, MK Group can track cost prices and other info on each of the products from its arable land. With such an organized procedural-informational-organizational system, the company did not have to be concerned about succeeding on the market. The firm principle which Miodrag Kostić has stuck by, that to understand business is to understand your cost price, has received its practical justification and technical implementation in ZAGA.


By constantly monitoring trends and improving and modernizing all activities, the MK Group business system now has 40 companies and 7000 employees in Serbia. The Holding, which is today one of the most important pillars of the Serbian economy, is proof that vision and passion for success can be immensely fruitful. MK Group has its origin in a small private firm for trading, import-export and production, established in 1983. Miodrag Kostić has successfully united a number of successful companies operating in the fields of agriculture production, trade, banking, brokerage investments and consulting under the same roof – MK Group,


The founder and owner of MK Group has for several decades been a leading businessman not only in our country but has also enjoyed great respect from business partners in the entire Eastern European region. By setting high standards, Miodrag Kostić has gained a reputation as one of the greatest experts in agribusiness and management specialists in the fields of agriculture and sugar. As an entrepreneur who is currently at the head of the largest vertically integrated agricultural corporation in all of Europe, Miodrag Kostić has serious plans for expanding onto other markets.


By establishing the company MK Mountain Resort, the owner of MK Group has found great satisfaction in the reconstruction of the GENEX hotel and the apartment complex in Kopaonik, which he privatized in 2009. This made hotels Grand and Angella, as well as the holiday resort Konaci “Sunčani Vrhovi” a part of the new company.


Apart from tourism, new investments are focused on the development of renewable energy sources. The company MK Fintel Wind will, as its core activity, produce "green" electricity, particularly wind power. A local company Carnex, a leading company in Serbia in the production of meat and meat products with well-loved brands, became an important part of MK Group in mid-November of 2011.


Besides agriculture, sugar and meat production, tourism, renewable energy, from 2015, MK Group has bought AIK Bank in Serbia and became a shareholder in Gorenjska Banka in Slovenia whereas M&V Investments, MK Group’s brokerage company, has been one of the largest in Serbia for the last 10 years.


The owner of MK Group is also very active in business associations and public life demonstrating his knowledge and skills by participating in the work of management boards of many of the largest and most successful banks in Serbia, as well as the most well-known brokerage houses in the region. He is the President of the management board of AIK Bank, the member of Serbian Association of Managers, the member of Board of directors of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the member of Privrednik club, as well as the president of the Society for building Saint Sava temple Assembly.


To be successful, among other things, means to be aware of the needs and abilities of others. This is the reason why Miodrag Kostić always stresses that we need to show solidarity with those around us who are most in need. At the end of 2012, a home was built for youth living at the SOS Children's Village in Kraljevo, while the Kostić family Foundation was established in 2013 which became a home for parents whose children were being treated for malignant diseases at the "Institute for Healthcare Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina".


The company, led by Miodrag Kostić, has been repeatedly declared as the most successful company in Serbia and the region, while he personally has received numerous awards for success in business and for his contribution to the development of the Serbian economy. Among them are: “Business Personality of the Year”, “The Most Successful Person in Vojvodina”, “The Most Successful Entrepreneur”, “The Best Manager in Southeastern Europe in 2011”, “Car Dušan’s Gold Dinar – Company of the Decade”, “The Winner of Belgrade”, “Business Partner of the Year” and others.